Edessa Restaurant Cookie Policy

This cookie policy explains the use of cookies on the Edessa Restaurant website and how these cookies can be controlled. The purpose of this policy is to inform visitors to the Edessa Restaurant website.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files used to track website visits and enhance user experience. These files are stored in your web browser and can be accessed by the website server. Cookies can be used to remember user preferences and personalize content.

What Cookies Are Used?

The Edessa Restaurant website uses cookies for various purposes. These include remembering login information, analyzing site traffic, personalizing ads, and remembering user preferences. Third-party cookies may also be used, such as cookies from advertisers.

How Can You Control Cookies?

You can control cookies using your web browser settings. Your browser settings may include options to accept, reject, or delete cookies at any time. However, please note that disabling some cookies may impact certain functionalities of the website.


This cookie policy may be updated from time to time. Any changes will be published on the website and will be effective as of the date of posting. Please check regularly for any significant changes to this policy.

A copy of this cookie policy is available as of the last update date.

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