Group Dining

Edessa Restaurant:

A Captivating Venue for Unforgettable Events in Nashville

dessa Restaurant in Nashville offers a dedicated events department to ensure a seamless experience for all occasions, be it an intimate gathering or a grand celebration. From birthdays to corporate dinners and wedding-related events, we cater to your diverse event needs.

To reserve your spot at Edessa, simply reach out to us via email at

Our venue boasts a captivating ambiance featuring a charming interplay of lights. Elegant chandeliers adorn the indoor seating areas, casting a warm glow that complements the light-colored greys and woods, as well as the white-painted brick walls and exposed brick throughout. If you choose to enjoy the outdoors on our patio, you’ll have the pleasure of soaking in the vibrant neighborhood activity while indulging in Edessa’s exclusive and expertly crafted specialty libations.

Come experience the perfect blend of sophistication and warmth at Edessa Restaurant.

Minimum 6 people